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SLAPS SHOOTER���S FUN ZONE GAMES USA Hockey Puzzle 1 2 3 4 8 ENTER YOUR CAPTION next Month By Larry Humber By Larry Humber 5 6 7 1 9 10 FUNNY PHOTO WINNERS The following captions were selected from all those who sent in their Funny Photo suggestions. Become a Facebook fan of USA Hockey Magazine and look for next month���s Funny Photo for a chance to win a USA Hockey prize. 10 11 12 1 ��� There���s a donut in there? Mike Steele Troy, Mich. 12 13 14 15 16 15 18 16 19 20 17 21 1 ��� Able to wave off goals in a single bound. It���s SUPER REF! Jimmy Dean Raleigh, N.C. ��� What do you know, zebras can fly! Joe Gansworth Buffalo, N.Y. 17 22 DID YOU KNOW? 23 24 1 25 26 Answers AvAiLABLe in tHe next issue And At ACROSS DOWN 1. Where Matt Carle played 1. Hobey Baker winner Tony Hrkac attended North ___ his college hockey 2. Jonathan Quick���s club 4. The ___ Four is the NCAA���s 3. Goes on the road championship tournament 9. A ___-___ is when a ref chooses 5. ���Newfie��� Michael ___ helped to ignore a possible infraction the Bruins win a Cup in 2011 10. Sends the puck into the 6. The ice-cleaning machine 7. Settle snugly, like a puck opponent���s end 11. Come as a result in a goalie���s glove 12. Mayhem 8. Area directly in front of the net 13. ___-minus is an important 14. Jordan ___ was Hobey hockey statistic Baker winner back in 2002 15. Housley who is coaching 15. Lord Stanley of ___ the U.S. Junior Team donated the famous Cup 16. One of several California18. Using one���s stick to impede an opponent based NHL teams 17. Swiss city that hosted the 21. Hall of Famer Olson (or former Pittsburgh GM Johnston) 1961 World Championships, 23. First-year players won by Canada (which didn���t 24. Darwitz who captained our win again until 1994!) 19. Give out women���s team at the last Olympics 20. Skin rash that caused many 25. ___-death overtime can end quickly hockey players to retire early 22. Investigate, ___ into 26. Ruggiero who has been to four Olympics DON���T GET ME WRONG, I LOVE THINKING ���OUTSIDE THE BOX��� TO GET THE JOB DONE. ALTHOUGH... Top Shelf Trivia Who is the first American-born collegiate player to be selected in the first round of the NHL Entry Draft? Become a Facebook fan of USA Hockey Magazine and submit your answer to win a cool USA Hockey prize pack. Hockey Math Take the total number of players on the ice during a 5-on-4 power play and add the height of a regulation size goal. Then multiply that by the width of the goal and divide that by the number of periods in a hockey game. THIS LAST IDEA, WITH THE SANDWICH BOARDS & HEADWEAR, MAY BE A BIT OVER THE TOP. BESIDES, FOR A HOCKEY TEAM, THIS PARTICULAR SPONSOR PROBABLY ISN���T THE BEST IMAGE WE WANT TO CONVEY. By Mike Curti Sticklers ANSWERS: Crossword | ACROSS: 1. DAKOTA, 4. FROZEN, 9. NON-CALL, 10. DUMPS, 11. ENSUE, 12. TURMOIL, 13. PLUS, 15. PHIL, 18. HOOKING, 21. EDDIE, 23. ROOKS, 24. NATALIE, 25. SUDDEN and 26. ANGELA.. DOWN: 1. DENVER, 2. KINGS, 3. TRAVELS, 5. RYDER, 6. ZAMBONI, 7. NESTLE, 8. SLOT, 14. LEOPOLD, 15. PRESTON, 16. SHARKS, 17. GENEVA, 19. ISSUE, 20. GUNK and 22. DELVE.. HOCKEY MATH ANSWER: If one team is short handed there are 11 players on the ice. The height of the goal is 4 feet while the width is 6 feet. There are three periods in a hockey game. That means 11 + 4 x 6 = 90. Divide 90 by 3 and you get 30.. GORDON, YOU���VE DONE AN INCREDIBLE JOB RAISING MONEY WITH SPONSORSHIPS FOR THE TEAM. Stan Mikita (right) is often credited with creating the first curved hockey stick blade, but actually in the late 1950s, N.Y. Rangers forward Andy Bathgate began experimenting with ���breaking��� his stick blade to create a curve, which made the flight of his slap shots do strange things. Mikita and teammate Bobby Hull (right) soon followed suit and began asking stick manufacturers to create sticks with pre-curved blades. 40 January. 2013 USAHOCKEYMAGAZINE.COM Photos by Getty Images Illustrations by Mike Curti

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