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183 F o r p r o d u c t i n f o r m a t i o n v i s i t o r w w w. h e l l e r m a n n .t y t o n . c o m o r c a l l 8 0 0 - 5 3 7-1512 I d e n t i f i c a t i o n S y s t e m s Ta g P r i n t P r o 3 . 0 S o f t w a r e Familiar Task-based Navigation TagPrint Pro 3.0 has a ribbon interface that offers quick and easy access to the commands needed to complete a task. Commands are organized in logical groups, which are collected together under tabs. Each tab relates to a type of activity, such as "Label," "Table," "Print" and "Utility." Batch Printing 3.0 has a"print-later" feature for the purpose of batching under one file name in a simple print utility. Using built-in macros, design each label and then define print options for execution at time of printing. Access the project file and concurrently print labels to a single printer or multiple printers. At-a-glance Interface Whether it is one label or a page of labels, the 3.0 interface was designed to allow ease of control over print jobs from a single screen. Information is viewable at a glance so a user can view object properties, data information and actual label layout at the same time. When changes are made, information is updated. Built-in Security TagPrint Pro 3.0 offers a built-in security system for the restriction of use or protection of data. This feature allows the user to lockout or password protect label designs and data tables from unauthorized label editing. Available for purchase as a single-user or network license. TagPrint ® PRO 3.0 Increase Productivity, Reduce Errors and Decrease Time Spent Producing Labels with a Complete Labeling Management Solution from HellermannTyton HellermannTyton's labeling system is comprised of the feature-rich labeling design software – TagPrint Pro 3.0; the highest quality thermal transfer, laser and inkjet printable labels; and a complete line of desktop thermal transfer printers. Simplify Your Label Design and Printing Process with TagPrint Pro 3.0 TagPrint Pro 3.0 is the cost-effective, easy-to-use label design and printing software in the HellermannTyton labeling system for achieving improved efficiency in wire and component marking, asset tagging and structured cabling identification. Compatible with Windows ® 7, 8 and 10, TagPrint Pro 3.0 delivers an individualized, task-based experience that enables a user to easily develop labels with bar codes, text and graphics to meet numerous applications. Designed for the industry-specific needs of a business producing products on a shop floor or labeling products at a remote jobsite, the intuitive interface of TagPrint Pro 3.0 simplifies the process of creating labels. TagPrint Pro 3.0 streamlines labeling production by offering a user full control over the importing or entering of data, advanced security features, the option to group label designs under a single file name or job number, and the ability to batch print to either one or more printers at the same time. Increase efficiency and reduce labor. TagPrint Pro 3.0 allows for complete management of the labeling production process with a label design software system that simplifies the label creation process used to identify cables, tubes, conduit, components and equipment.

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