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Routing and Protection Helawrap Helawrap Cable Management System Helawrap is the flexible and complete solution for bundling, protecting and securing cables and wires in industrial, datacom and electrical applications. Material options include both rugged Polypropylene (PP) and flame retardant Polyamide 6 V0 (PA6V0). Helawrap bases and clips are specifically designed to organize Helawrap sleeving, which can be affixed effectively anywhere. An installation tool is available for quick and effortless assembly over long cable lengths. Application Helawrap is designed to bundle and protect cable assemblies in the electrical industry, in panel building, on machines, transportation, electronics, and in industrial automation applications—especially within environments where movement and vibration are experienced. The easy branch-out feature and flexible sleeving also protect against unintentional bending of critical data transmission cables, making it ideal for sensitive data networking applications. Helawrap Polyamide 6 V0 is available for applications that require flame retardant properties. For example: The protectionof cables in a of cables in a wiring Helawrap sleeving. The protection and affixing and affixing wiring cabinet with cabinet with Helawrap sleeving. Benefits • Unique open design allows for easy branch-offs at any point along the harness. • Overwrap formation provides abrasion protection and accommodates multiple bundle configurations. • Flexible construction and design is well suited for applications that involve movement and vibration. • Innovative split shape allows for future access without disassembly. • Eliminates pinch points and minimizes bending fatigue to wires and cables. • Easy to use installation tool makes assembly fast and easy. • Specially-designed swivel clips and bases help hold Helawrap sleeving in place. Material Data Material Data Series Material HWPP Polypropylene (PP) Operating Temperature -76° F to +230° F, Intermittent -60° C to +110 C, Intermittent Melt Point 284° F / +140° C Flammability UL 94 HB 133 Cables can be branched off at any point for better, more flexible protection. Series Material Operating Temperature Melt Point HWPA6-V0 Flame Retardant Polyamide 6 V0 (PA6V0) -40° F to +194° F, Intermittent -40° C to +90° C, Intermittent 248° F / +120° C Flammability UL 94 V0 F o r p ro d u c t info r mat i o n v is i t o r w w w. h e l l e r m a n n .t y t o n . c o m o r c a ll 8 0 0 - 5 3 7-1512

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