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Identification Systems Swif tMark SwiftMark Automatic Label Printer and Applicator Designed specifically for the wire and cable industry, the SwiftMark sets a new standard in labeling efficiency. The SwiftMark Automatic Label Printer and Applicator prints self-laminating vinyl labels and applies them to various sizes of wire and cable, increasing labeling productivity by up to 300%. With a cycle time of just over 4 seconds, the SwiftMark can print and apply labels in a fraction of the time required to manually print and apply labels, which increases productivity and reduces labeling errors while providing the highest printing and application quality. Labels can be quickly and easily designed in the accompanying Tagprint Pro software, and label files can be downloaded and stored on the SwiftMark via a USB ethernet, Parallel port, or serial connection. Simply select the file and label quantity using the user-friendly touch screen, and labeling is as simple as placing the cable in the machine and pressing a button or foot pedal. Labels are designed in TagPrint Pro and downloaded to the SwiftMark. The SwiftMark has a simple interface which makes it very easy to use, yet it is capable of printing advanced label sequences such as label sets with different serial numbers and text on each label. Product Features • Fastest cycle time in the industry • Touch screen LCD • Marks to within .5" of the end of the cable • Labels cables from .06" to .75" in diameter • Works with various sizes of self-laminating adhesive labels • Ribbon save feature minimizes ribbon usage by up to 85% • 300 d.p.i. thermal transfer printer • Stores label files on removable SD card • USB, parallel port, and serial connections • Accommodates various types of cables • Eliminates label wrinkles or "flags" • Adjustable wire grippers • Easy to load with labels and ribbon • Automatically keeps track of application cycles • Foot pedal, touch screen, and 24V wrap initiation options • Electric universal power supply • View label on touch screen prior to printing • Ethernet connectivity The SwiftMark prints and automatically applies labels to various sizes of wire and cable. Material Data Width 19.56² (497 mm) Height 14.67² (372.6 mm) Depth 31.6² (802.6 mm) Weight 80 lbs. Operating Temperature Storage Temperature +40 °F to +104 °F (+4 °C to +40 °C) Minimum-Maximum Cable Diameter Minimum-Maximum Label Width Print Method .06² to .75² (1.52 to 19.05 mm) -30 °F to +160 °F (-34 °C to +71 °C) .5² to 2.0² (12.7 to 50.8 mm) Thermal Transfer Product Selection Article No. Part No. Type Description Pkg. Qty. 558-00060 558-00060 SMLA1 SwiftMark Printer Applicator 1 558-00065 558-00065 SMFP01 Foot Pedal for SwiftMark and Autotool Systems 1 558-00066 558-00066 SMSC01 Replacement shipping case 1 Use Part No. for ordering and Type for specification purposes. 188

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