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Presentations Damian Skinner Thursday, May 16 9:45am, Canadian Room Opening Session sponsored by Catherine Morgan specialized conference theme introduction: A Polarized Convocation of Jewellers Reconsidered Damian Skinner Art Historian/Curator/Fellow Applied Art and Design, Auckland Museum, University of Cambridge Museum of Archeology & Anthrpology Cambridge, England In his book Jewelry Concepts and Technology (1982), Oppi Untracht presents 'A polarized convocation of jewelers,' a diagram that traces the alliances and interests of different practices that make up the jewellery community. This talk will engage with, and extend, Untracht's diagram, mapping the values that sustain and distinguish different jewellery roles and identities in the contemporary jewellery scene. Friday, May 17 11:15am, Canadian ROom Meta-mosaic theme Address+Audience discussion Damian Skinner and others will lead a discussion on the conference theme with the SNAG audience. Saturday, May 18 2:10pm, Canadian Room Meta-mosaic theme Closing Remarks Damian Skinner will present closing comments on the conference theme with the SNAG audience. Diane Charbonneau Thursday, May 16 11:45am, Canadian Room MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY JEWELLERY AT THE MONTREAL MUSEUM OF FINE ART The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' jewellery collection consists primarily Diane Charbonneau Curator of Contemporary Decorative Arts, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Montreal, QC, Canada of works produced since the mid-20th century. It reflects the works of creators who have gone beyond the clichés of tradition to reveal new forms of artistic expression. The lecture focuses on the significance of this collection within the museum's encyclopaedic mandate in terms of collecting, research and exhibition. Jack Ogden Friday, May 17 9:00am, Canadian Room TOOLS AND TECHNOLOGY: GOLD WORKING IN A HISTORICAL CONTEXT For more than 5,000 years the craft of the jeweller working with gold has largely been defined by available tools and technologies. New developments Jack Ogden Chief Executive, Gemmological Association of Great Britain London, England through history, including the first steps to a copper-based metallurgy, the introduction of iron and, far later, the Industrial Revolution, have all had a significant effect on the work of a goldsmith. This talk looks at some of these developments, considering their impact on the goldsmith's craft, and explains how an understanding of these technological interactions is essential if we are to truly understand the history of the goldsmith's art. 16

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