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rapid Fire Presentations Emerging artists Saturday, May 18 1:15PM, Canadian Room Suzanne Carlsen DESTINATIONS OF GOOGLE FLIGHT 636-2 Suzanne Carlsen's session sponsored by H.L. Jewelry Casting Ltd Suzanne's most recent body of work, Google Flight 636-2, comment Suzanne Carlsen Metalsmith/Jeweller Toronto, ON, Canada on our dwindling lack of differences and loss of individuality. The work questions our loss of identity due to globalization. My work whether it be this series or those of previous ones balance hand embroidery and metal to present social symbols in unusual ways, emphasizing ideas of value, status and ornament. Erica Meier KNOW HOW Skill has become a term of exclusivity. The concept of skill confronts both the issues of cultural and bodily normalcy and the adaptation of ERICA MEIER Artist/Metalsmith Madison, WI, USA skilled labour within our culture. The metamorphosis of our culture has come to normalize the definitions of skill and the way we think about the human body. Eric Petersen FROM FITTING IN TO STANDING OUT Petersen will speak about building a successful brand by creating a niche market through his experience as an apprentice goldsmith, establishing Eric Petersen Fashion/Accessories Jeweller, Toronto, ON, Canada his own designer brand, embracing the methodology of subcontracting, forging meaningful connections, engaging in artist collaborations and focusing on the customer. He will emphasize the importance of learning your business inside and out. Amelia Toelke PRETTY THINGS A love for objects and all things ornamental has been the driving force behind Toelke's practice. Her work lies at the interstice of the twoAmelia Toelke Sculpture Artist/ Metalsmith/Jeweller Brooklyn, NY, USA dimensional and three-dimensional. She explores how objects and the decorative function symbolically and iconically through representational imagery. She will discuss the importance of material and process in her work and how this unbiased approach to making continues to reveal layers of meaning. Erin Wahed in collaboration with JANIS KERMAN THE FASHION AND JEWELLERY WORLD CAN BE FRIENDS There is an interstitial space between the worlds of jewellery and fashion. Bande des Quatres has been successful in bridging this gap. In only two ERIN WAHED in collaboration with JANIS KERMAN (Bande des Quatres) Fashion Jeweller, Designer New York, NY, USA 24 years, it has gained recognition in both. The model is the marrying of two different generations, of varying expertise, a mother and a daughter, with the innate ability to collaborate, creating a new vision.

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