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Professional Development Seminar 2013 Friday, May 17 Sacred Cow, Purple Cow, Cash Cow 3:00-5:30pm Canadian Room The sacred cows of craft marketing and design are lame and beginning to stumble. From gallery to studio sale, exhibition space to craft show, the audiences for contemporary craft aren't responding to old-school notions of display and marketing. They are looking for an entirely different buying experience. We need to re-energize and reconnect to our existing markets and access Sponsored by the new ones. We need to find a more innovative approach to display and an Manufacturing Jewelers interactive marketing model that offers the experience of craft. We need and Suppliers of America to use smarter advertising and build visibility in new and unexpected places. Our websites need to function across the spectrum from desktops to smart phones, tablets,and televisions. We need to become the purple cow, the one that is unexpected and stands out from the herd—the cow that people notice. The idea of the purple cow was set forth by the marketing entrepreneur Seth Godin, in his TED talk, "How To Get Your Ideas Spread". The 2013 Professional Development Seminar was inspired by this seventeen minute production and is designed to help you start thinking purple, to find a new way to get your work noticed and bring the cash cow to market. Our Speakers Include: Lara Bazant "Bringing the Purple Cow to the Market: Tapping Into the Experiential Economy" Natasha Granastein "The Unexpected Purple Cow: Pop-Up Stores and Alternative Exhibition Spaces" Justin D. Hartzman "All You Can Eat Website—Customizing the Cow: New trends in New Trends in Cross Platform Web Optimization" Rachel Timmins "Purple Cow: Documentation via Video and Photography" Coordinated by Harriete Estel Berman, Andy Cooperman, and Brigitte Martin 36

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