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ese important outposts have largely been overlooked by neighborhood churches as viable mission fields despite the fact that civic leaders make decisions that impact the very bedrock of American society, and even though most state and national leaders begin their political careers in local office. For too many years the church has targeted the institu- tion of civil government and has spent time and resources on lobbying efforts in hopes of changing unbiblical laws that regulate society's moral and social issues. Capitol Ministries believes in a different approach. We focus on the most in fluential component in the legislative pro cess: the men and women who make the decisions and create the statutes. It is these men and women whom Capitol Ministries wishes to influence for Christ through Local Government Ministries, an organized endeavor to estab- lish ministries in hometown U.S.A. As founding father Benjamin Franklin observed, good hearts make good laws. In partnership with the local church, Capitol Ministries is recruiting biblically-reliant, intentional, Bible teaching evangelists and teaching them how to build discipleship Bible studies to community political leaders. Our mis- sion is to reach elected and appointed officials from mu- nicipal judges, mayors, and school board members to city managers, city and county commissioners, dog catchers and beyond. Reaching Community Leaders of America "… Faith comes om hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ." R o m a n s 1 0 : 1 7 From coast to coast across our nation 40,000 incorporated city and county governments dot the landscapes of America. ey are the places where crucial decisions are made about our communities and they are the workplaces of local leaders.

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