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"This Bible study has made me a lot more reflective. I'm thinking of myself in my public role more now as a Christian-at-Large as opposed to just a City- Councilman-at-Large. I am frankly shocked that with my level of religious education, these Bible studies are pointing out some Christian views on public policy that had never occurred to me. I love the different topics, and how they weave together the great biblical and historical aspects of being a Christian at this time. The Oaks in Office Bible studies make you think critically about many of the most important issues in our society, and the biblical and philosophical basis for debate of those issues. I absolutely would recommend the study to anyone in local office." "Local government leaders are the boots on the ground, we are the ones who are dealing with the day to day issues of the nation right now. We are also the future congressmen and senators. Ninety percent of the politicians I know claim to be Christian and want to live according to our beliefs but it is hard when we don't actually know what the Bible says, and that is what the Capitol Ministries Bible study teaches. When local leaders actually understand what the Bible says, we can vote and make policy according to our faith. After tax collectors, God instructed that leaders be reached. If Local Government Ministries Bible studies are offered throughout the U.S., they would have a major effect on our leaders and our nation." Mayor Sander and Vice Mayor Gatewood are members of the first Local Government Bible study that has completed the Oaks in Office curriculum. Garrett Gatewood Vice Mayor Rancho Cordova, CA Dr. David Sander Mayor Rancho Cordova, CA "Your Word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path." P s a l m 11 9 : 1 0 5

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