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AutoQuotes Today Introducing AutoQuotes Designer Everything you need to complete a design project in one convenient place By Kath ar in e Mizla, VP of Design Ser vices or years, cost, a steep learning curve and usability have played key roles in limiting the number of users that have access to the industry standard AutoCAD. AutoQuotes believes that more consultants and more FEDA professionals should have the ability to use AutoCAD to design kitchens, so we created Designer—a version of AutoQuotes that has the built-in CAD capability of AutoCAD LT. Here's how it works: AutoCAD is linked to AutoQuotes, which gives users the ability to create an AutoQuotes project while working on a drawing in AutoCAD. When all of the equipment is in place, you can add tags by pressing a button, create utility drawings by pressing another button, and finish your drawing by adding your schedules with a final press of a button. When your drawing is complete, you have an AutoQuotes project you can use to create your cut books, specifications, and quote. AutoQuotes Designer also allows users to work on two parts of a project at the same time. While you are adding the CAD symbol to your drawing, AutoQuotes places each item in your project. If you copy something in AutoCAD, AutoQuotes changes the quantity. If you delete something in AutoCAD, AutoQuotes asks you if you would like to delete the item from our project.The two programs work together throughout the design process. For users less familiar with CAD, Designer is as a complete package comprised of AutoQuotes plus an OEM version of AutoCAD LT. You get the most current version of LT plus customized functions specific to foodservice design. F 20 FEDA New s & View s Other notable features include a layering system, 2D symbols, tags, rough-ins, and utility schedules. For skilled CAD users with full versions of AutoCAD (versions 2011, 2012, or 2013), Designer is available as a plugin that includes all of the same customized functions plus full access to AutoQuotes—giving you the flexibility to change everything so you can set and maintain your company standards. Once your template is integrated with Designer, you are ready to go. Currently, Designer has more than 98,995 CAD symbols, both plan and elevation views, connected to 158,241 AutoQuotes items.We have taken advan- tage of everything AutoCAD has to offer in our program, including using dynamic blocks whenever possible, making it easy for designers to change graphics on their drawings. If you want to add casters,highlight our symbol and select casters, the CAD symbol will change adding casters. If you are working on a chain project or just have a favorite cookline, you can copy from one drawing to another and let AutoQuotes bring the items into your project. If you need to renumber your project, you can renumber in AutoCAD or AutoQuotes, either way your drawing and AutoQuotes project will be synced. continued on page 22 Trial Users Give Designer High Marks John Whitlock, Atlanta Fixture & Sales "I have been using AQ Designer for a number of months now. On the AutoCAD side, the most dramatic difference I have seen are the smart symbols, with the way you can change door swings, move compressor locations and still maintain the integrity of the symbol, and the unbelievable ease of creating equipment and utility schedules are a snap. This is saying nothing about having the most up to date AutoCAD program and symbols, never having to download from a disk or making sure you have the most up-to-date symbol library. Marry this with the best catalog/quoting program and it's a great package I cannot be without." Tracy Thompson, President, Hiawatha Chef Supply "I have been using AutoQuotes Designer for a few months now. This is what I was waiting for. I can design and quote a project all with the same software. Designer works nicely no matter how big or small the job is. On a simple dishwashing layout, I can give the plumber all of the dimensions at a flick of a switch. It is also easy to lay out a bar—no more hand-drafting or expensive software. I recommend this software to everyone in the foodservice business. This really saves time and manpower. For a small company like mine, I have to wear a lot of hats and this program has paid for itself over and over."

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