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Network Cabling Solutions Racks and Cable Management Products Wire Management Brackets HellermannTyton provides the most adaptable and systematic approach for cable management on relay racks. Offering a complete line of versatile products, these brackets and panels protect, route, and organize UTP, F/UTP, coax and fiber optic cables and make it easy to perform moves or changes. For a completely enclosed appearance, HellermannTyton offers the horizontal and vertical wire management brackets. This design provides organization while keeping cables hidden. The covers are easily removed and reattached providing quick and easy access to both the front and back of a rack. To prevent misplacement of covers, the brackets also are available with a hinged cover allowing easy open and close without entire cover removal. Ideal for high-density installations, the black wire management brackets feature smooth-edged slotted fingers allowing cable to be pulled through at any location. The slotted fingers are scored, enabling them to break off if larger openings are required. Numerous sizes are available in both horizontal and vertical configurations. All wire management brackets are packaged with 12-24 mounting screws. Wire management brackets can be customized with corporate logos. Contact HellermannTyton for more information. Horizonal Wire Management Brackets Designed to provide cable management horizontally on the front and back of a rack, the black WMB series include several variations and sizes. The single-sided bracket provides a channel for only the front or the back on a relay rack, and the dual-sided bracket provides a channel for both the front and back on a relay rack. Styles are offered for one, two, and three rack spaces. The two rack space wire manager has pass through holes in the frame for better management of cables and front to back cabling. All are equipped with extended length covers to keep excess cable hidden. HellermannTyton's wire managers also feature an easily removable plastic film on the cover to eliminate scratches during shipment. This plastic film ensures a neat appearance and improves rack aesthetics when the wire managers are installed, an important consideration to installers and end-users. Wire Management Bracket Hinges All designs of wire management brackets can perform with the wire management bracket hinge. This hinge allows the cover to remain with the bracket. It easily snaps onto the cover and the channel. Once assembled, the hinge permits the cover to be opened down and act as a "shelf" for easy cable organization. The hinge is available separately or preassembled on the wire management bracket and cover. Plastic film to protect cover provided For product information visit or call 800.537.1512 125

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