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n etwork c abling s olutions Identification Products a n s i/t ia /eia -606-b Requirements t he a n s i/t ia /eia -606-b standard was developed to specify the requirements for labeling the telecommunications foundation in buildings. t he standard addresses the administration of equipment rooms, computer rooms and data centers. ba s ic ReQUiReMen t s • l abeling cabinets and racks • l abeling patch panels • l abeling horizontal links (cable labels) • l abeling backbone cables • l abeling firestops • l abeling grounding hardware • l abeling pre-terminated solutions "a ll labels should be of a size, color and contrast to be readily visible by those maintaining the system. l abels should be resistant to environmental conditions likely to be encountered where they are installed, such as moisture or heat, and should be designated to have a useful life equal to or greater than that of the component labeled." a nsi/t ia /eia -606-b standard t o fulfill these requirements, h ellermannt yton offers a complete line of identification products, including computer printable labels, t agprint™ pro labeling software, and an extensive line of printers, markers, signs, and label books. t hese identification products are designed to bring label production "in-house" to help speed production, reduce errors, and lower installation costs. hellermannt yton offers labels that work with thermal transfer, laser, ink jet, or dot matrix printers. Use the charts on the following pages to select label solutions that meet the a nsi/t ia /eia -606-b standard. h ellermannt yton Offers the Right identifying s olution for t elecommunications a pplications pa t c h pa n el , t el eph On e, Ra c k s a n d Fa c epl a t e l a bel s w iRe a n d c a bl e Ra c k s /Ra c ew a y /pa t h w a y l a bel s a n d Ma n y MORe a ppl ic a t iOn s: • • • 138 Fiber splice enclosures Grounding and bonding Fire stopping l ocations Racks/Raceway/pathway l abels For Marking Flat surfaces, pathways, Racks, busbars, t elecommunication spaces and l arge c onduits For product information visit or call 800.537.1512

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