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Network c abling Solutions Identification Products TT230SM Printer h ellermannTyton's TT230SM thermal transfer printer is the next generation of printer available for small to medium volume users looking for an easy to use and functional thermal transfer printer. The TT230SM prints to a wide variety of materials including all of h ellermannTyton labels and ShrinkTrak. The TT230SM is also Ethernet network ready, which gives the user options on placing the unit away from the host computer. The TT230SM comes with a label holder (caddy) for loading large reels behind the printer for easy dispensing and printing. There also is an optional carrying case that can be used to safely transport the printer to remote job sites. • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Print on ShrinkTrak Print on Adhesive Labels Print on Tiptags Uses standard ribbons Print head 300dpi barcodes: standard and 2d Print speed up to 3" (76.2mm) per second Max print width 4.1" (106mm) Max label width 4.37 (111mm) Max print length 39" (101cm) 8Mb d RAM, 2Mb Flash Interfaces: RS232-c , Ethernet, USb v.2.0 and c entronics w indows drivers: 2000, XP, NT4.0, VIsta, 7 d imensions: 7.95"(201mm) x 10.16" (258mm) x 6.81"(172mm) • w eight 4.4lbs (2kg) Technical d ata w idth 7.95" (201mm) h eight 6.81" (172mm) d epth 10.16" (258mm) w eight Power Supply h umidity 4.4 lbs 100 - 240V 10% to 95% non-condensing Operating Temperature +50 °F to +95 °F (+10 °c to +35 °c ) Storage Temperature -30 °F to +160 °F (-34 °c to +71 °c ) Minimum label height Minimum-Maximum label width 0.25² 0.25² to 4.25² The optional carrying case is made of high impact plastic and provides a water and air-tight seal. Printer and power supply fit inside for protected portability. Product Selection Type d escription Pkg. Qty. 556-00230 556-00230 Article No. Part No. TT230SM TT230SM Printer 1 556-00231 556-00231 c ASE230SM c arrying c ase for TT230SM Printer 1 556-00232 556-00232 PRh TT230SM Replacement Print h ead TT230SM 1 556-00233 556-00233 RPS TT230SM Replacement Power Supply for TT230SM 1 556-00234 556-00234 RPR TT230SM Replacement Platen Roller for TT230SM 1 556-00235 556-00235 LAbEL h OLd ER Label c addy 1 556-00236 556-00236 TT230bATTERy TT230SM Rechargeable battery Pack 1 Large c arrying c ase for TT230SM Printer 1 556-00238 556-00238 c ASE LG TT230SM Use Part No. for ordering and Type for specification purposes. 144 For product information visit or call 800.537.1512

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