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Network c abling Solutions Identification Products ShrinkTrak™ h eat Shrinkable Markers h ellermannTyton's ShrinkTrak™ heat-shrinkable markers make it easy to mark wire, cable, and other components. These ladder-style markers are designed with side slits for easier application. All ShrinkTrak™ markers are military specified. They also reduce printer jams with their efficient and high-performance design. For seamless labeling, ShrinkTrak™ can be printed using h ellermannTyton's TagPrint™ Pro professional label creation software, thermal transfer printers, and ribbons to create a permanent and solvent-resistant print when shrunk and applied. E Versatile • Flexible, flame retardant, heat shrinkable polyolefin tubing meets all military specifications • 3:1 shrink ratio • Standard colors - yellow, white and black • Larger packaging options result in less box changes h igh Performance d esign • c enter slit versions reduce or eliminate hand cutting • Non-slip, printable liner allows additional marker data to be printed on the reverse side for records and placement instructions • Utilize h ellermannTyton's d urattach ribbon system for the highest print performance on the market B A Reduce Printer Jams • Markers dispense directly into h ellermannTyton thermal transfer printers with custom box opening • d ispense markers faster and easier with waxed core dispenser C F D A. b. c. d. E. F. Side slit for easy insertion and removal from liner Smooth, flat surface allows for consistent printing Reduced spacing between markers for more efficient use of ribbon material Markers firmly secured on anti-static liner to reduce static build-up in printers Standard width to fit almost all thermal transfer printers Pin-feed system not required Ease of Use - Step by Step Guide Step 1 Print with thermal transfer printer Step 2 bend liner at side slit Step 3 Insert wire into marker Step 4 Pull-up on wire the marker will pull away from liner ShrinkTrak Applied! For product information visit or call 800.537.1512 171

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