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Network Cabling Solutions Appendix The ANSI/TIA/EIA-606-A standard will have several new requirements and recommendations for administration. The standard has 4 classes of administration: Administration modern buildings require an effective telecommunications infrastructure to support the wide variety of services that rely on the electronic transport of information. This infrastructure can be thought of as the collection of those components (telecommunications spaces, cable pathways, grounding, wiring and termination hardware) that provide the basic support for the distribution of all information within a building or campus. Administration of the telecommunications infrastructure include documentation (labels, records, drawings, reports, and work orders) of cables, termination hardware, patching and cross connect facilities, conduits, and other pathways, telecommunications rooms, and other telecommunications spaces. TIA/EIA-606-A Administration Standard for the telecommunications infrastructure of commercial buildings was released in August, 1993 and updated in 2008. This document sets the guidelines for administration of the telecommunications wiring system. CLASS 1 Fewer than 100 users and 1 TR BLU CLASS 2 GRY 100s of users and multiple TRs in a single building CLASS 3 GRY Campus environment – 1000's of users, multiple buildings, multiple TRs in each building WHT CLASS 4 Connecting multiple Class 3 installations at different geographic locations The standard is designed to accommodate all types of installations. For each Class, there are different labeling requirements and recommendations. BLU WHT PURP GRN BRN WHT WHT GRN BRN ORN 606 Standard Color Chart TERmINATION TYPE Demarcation point Network connections Common equipment First level backbone Second level backbone Horizontal Interbuilding backbone Other Key telephone systems 214 COLOR Orange Green Purple/Violet White Gray Blue Brown Yellow Red COmmENTS Central office connection Network connections or auxiliary circuit termination Connections to PBX, mainframe, LAN, multiplexer MC-IC cable terminations IC-TR cable terminations Horizontal cable terminations in TRs Campus cable terminations Auxiliary, maintenance, alarms, security, etc. Connections to key telephone systems For product information visit or call 800.537.1512

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