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Network Cabling Solutions Cross Connect Products Category 5 Rated 66 Blocks HellermannTyton's Category 5 rated 66 block is used in equipment rooms and wiring closets. These blocks are used for connecting voice and data cables to premise equipment. Offered in a 50 pair configuration, the 66 block is easy to install, reliable, and economical. HellermannTyton offers a standoff bracket as a method of mounting the 66 block. Molded from a flame-retardant thermoplastic, the 89D bracket is open on the top and bottom, enabling the insertion of cable before snapping on the block. The network interface block is designed for use at the demarcation point – it is a 66 block with one female, prewired 25 pair connector located on the right side and is included with an 89D mounting bracket, as well as a snap-on, orange hinged cover to designate the network interface point. 66 Block Accessories • The bridging clip is designed to make a common connection on the 66 block adjacent quick clips. Formed from a tin plated "grade A" copper alloy, the clips require no tools for installation. • To keep the cable organized and routed properly, a wire distribution spool with a #10 wood screw is offered. The spool mounts easily on cross connect frames or backboards. • Designation strips are available to identify the circuits on the 66 block. Easily snapped onto the side of the block, these white strips provide a platform for HellermannTyton labels, or can be written upon with a pen. • Plastic covers are offered for the 66 connecting blocks to protect the wiring. They are molded of self-extinguishing clear plastic that easily snaps onto the block. Product Selection Article No. Part No. Type Description Height Width Depth Pkg. Qty. T66M1-50 (A) 66 Clip Connecting Block 50 Pair 10² 2.56² 1.2² 1 T89D (B) Standoff Bracket for 66 Blocks 10² 3.4² 1.5² 1 T700A-66-B1-25 (C) Network Interface Block 25 Pair 10² 3.4² 2.75² 1 .5² - 100 1.68² 2.95² 10 .5² - 10 2.56² - 1 854-44311 T66M1-50 854-44315 T89D 854-44314 T700A-66-B1-25 904-00902 TSA1B TSA1 (D) Bridging Clips .25² 854-44313 T66WDS T66WDS (E) Wire Distribution Spool with #10 Wood Screw 1.68² 904-00903 T66DSPK T66DS (F) 66 Block Designation Strip 10² 854-44312 T66MC4 T66MC4 (G) Plastic Cover for 66 Block 10² Dimensions are approximate and subject to technical changes. Use Part No. for ordering and Type for specification purposes. A F B C D E G For product information visit or call 800.537.1512 75

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