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TECHNOLOGY, EDUCATION and the DEVELOPING WORLD As more students in emerging economies use their cell phones as learning devices, mobile technology is poised to revolutionize education. BY GUY PFEFFERMANN 30 July/August 2013 BizEd KAM R UZ ZAMAN RATAN /G ETTY I MAG ES A revolution is coming to business education, and it's being ushered in by technology. In developed countries, students might pay US$50,000 annually to attend on-campus lectures for 15 hours a week, but in developing nations, students are increasingly consuming education that's delivered via mobile devices at very little cost. As developed worlds adopt online models, technology could transform educational institutions everywhere, from kindergartens to universities. Three interrelated trends are having the most impact: the improvement of online education, the adoption of new technology by major universities, and the mobile delivery of education. The first two are creating massive

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