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20 | March - April 2022 | www . Factor: H3P Learn More: Factor: H3P – Handling and Application Devices Level: Platform (P) Stage: Lubricant Handling & Application About: Setting and defining goals clarifies a lubrication program's objectives, and implementing rewards systems encourages staff to reach those goals. LUBRICANT HANDLING & APPLICATION More about this ASCEND ™ Factor Paul Farless | Noria Corporation When and How to Clean a Sealable and Reusable Top-Up Container What is an S&R Container? A sealable and reus- able (S&R) container assists in contamina- tion prevention when topping up most normal-sized reservoirs. I say most because an S&R container isn't practical in some cases, such as larger hydraulic reservoirs and circulating systems (these would be better suited for indirect filling from a barrel by way of filter or transfer cart). I wanted to write this to serve as an unofficial guide on why, how, and when to clean these containers. New Oil is Not Clean Oil If S&R containers are best prac- tice when it comes to preventing contaminant ingression during top-ups, why would I have to clean them still? Well, the answer is simple new oil is not clean oil. I often use the practical experiment of going to the back of an O'Reilly's or Wal-Mart and looking at the bottom of a five-quart jug of new oil. Hold the jug up to the light and observe all of the sediment in this brand-new oil that has settled to the bottom of the jug while in storage. is will show you that an unused, clean container can still introduce potential contam- inants into your machine. Now, if your facility is utilizing a bulk tank system that filters the oil into and out of the bulk tank, then you are likely to have cleaner oil and the frequency with which containers need to be cleaned will be reduced.

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