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24 | March - April 2022 | www . Coming from t he farm, oil mist was somet h ing t hat I became fairly familiar with, not because I had to deal with anything directly in any substantial way, but because I have always been a bit persnickety when it comes to maintaining my combine. My cab was always kept as spotless as I could get it. Anytime I had to stop my machine, I was out there cleaning my windows for better visibility; any place there was dirt building up on the normal flat surfaces, I would run over there and clean it up. One of the issues I started to notice was the build-up of dirt right on top of the feederhouse (a section of the machine that draws the cereal crop into the separator section from the header section) that seemed to always form in a strange but consistent pattern. Being a young guy and not having too many harvest seasons under my belt, I had no idea what was causing this, but I cleaned it up nonetheless. With hindsight being what it is, I know that a fine hydraulic leak was the root of this build-up. A small pinhole in my hydraulic lines (I ran an older machine with an even older header) was causing a fine mist spray in a specific pattern onto that feederhouse, and all of the dust and chaff was sticking to that oil that would settle on the machine. ere probably aren't too many of you out there running a combine in a manu- facturing plant, but believe it or not, this is relevant information We often forget about what is causing some of our minor (or major) headaches. Oil mist/fog can be a good thing. If I have a high-speed turbine, I am likely to have a mist system incor- porated into the lubrication of that turbine. If I have some obscure gear- CONTAMINATION CONTROL & LUBRICANT RECONDITIONING Factor: C1P Learn More: Factor: C1P - Contaminant Exclusion Level: Platform (P) Stage: Contamination Control & Lubricant Reconditioning About: Developing a contam- ination exclusion strategy can protect against machine failure and increase the life of both lubri- cation and machinery. More about this ASCEND ™ Factor Dealing with Oil Mist, Fog and Haze Jeremie Edwards | Noria Corporation

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