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Vol. 5 - Fall 2013

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HDInsights TM A Huntington disease research periodical Meet the Investigator Dr. Kenneth Marek is a neuroscientist and researcher exploring imaging methods for use in HD. Page 2 Issue No 5 -- Fall 2013 Research Round-Up Dr. Lise Munsie reviews the latest HD developments in laboratory, genetic, and clinical research. Page 4 Status Report: Clinical Trials At a glance updates on current clinical trials in HD. Page 8 Pfizer's PDE10A Inhibitor An interview with Dr. Spyros Papapetropoulos and Dr. Margaret Zaleska of Pfizer Neuroscience. Page 5 HD Research in Australia Dr. Izelle Labuschagne discusses past and current research in Australia. Page 9 Part of the Solution: An Interview with Rodrigo Osorio By: Haley Richards "It was as if an unexpected letter arrived. I did not ask for it and I could not return it. After a while I realized that I had no choice but to open it and immerse myself in it." This is how Rodrigo Osorio, a Chilean banker and businessman, describes his reaction on learning that his wife had HD. In 2008, Rodrigo and his family, just like thousands of families worldwide, began a difficult journey on learning that his family was affected by HD. I had the privilege of discussing Rodrigo's experiences with him, a journey that has taken him from adversity to acceptance to action. Rodrigo remembers, "My first emotions were of helplessness, fragility and darkness." Osorio and his family were initially stunned by his wife's diagnosis of HD and the multifaceted cruelty of the disease. He explains, "When I first tried to understand what the disease was, the first things that I read on the internet were that it was very dangerous, didn't have any cure, and there is a 50% chance that each child has the disease. I could not continue. I saw a big wall in front of me." (continued on Page 2...) HD Insights, Vol. 5 Rodrigo Osorio Rodrigo Osorio, a native of Chile, is dedicated to advancing HD research around the world. He is the founder of the Agrupación Chilena de Huntington (Huntington Group of Chile), which has established a comprehensive care "Hogar" (home) for patients with HD and other neurodegenerative disorders. He is also the President of the Red Latino-Americana de Huntington (Latin-American Huntington Network), and sits on the HD Insights Editorial Board. Copyright © Huntington Study Group 2013. All rights reserved. 1

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