Highline Public Schools Strategic Plan

Highline Public Schools Strategic Plan

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FIVE Our Path Forward Success does not happen by accident. Turning our good intentions into stronger results for every student will demand disciplined implementation in every class, in every school, in every department, in every part of our community, as well as courageous leadership at all levels. continuous improvement and innovation, and ensuring incentives and accountability for performance. Making all these come together and making sure they stay together is a core responsibility of the School Board, district leadership, and school leadership. Consistent performance requires setting clear goals and concrete performance objectives, aligning resources to the performance objectives, motivating commitment, building capabilities, communicating progress, nurturing The diagram below illustrates the connection between the strategic plan, the annual plans derived from the strategic plan, and the work plans (task analyses) that individual units or teams prepare to focus their priorities. Annual Board Priorities Systemwide four-year strategic plan aligned with School Board policies (sets budget direction) Annual Superintendent's Performance Objectives (derived from strategic plan) Detailed work plans (1 month to 1 year) Annual School Improvement Plans Annual Department Operating Plans We will follow the process developed by Performance Fact (appendix 1). Sustaining Public Will and Commitment Our Commitment to Accountability In order to achieve the bold goals laid out in this plan, we will work in partnership with parents and families, community members, and civic and philanthropic partners. We will champion the idea that education is everyone's business by: We are committed to holding ourselves accountable to the community by reporting our progress toward our goals: • Empowering parents and family members to support learning. The superintendent has added two positions: Family and Community Partnerships Liaison, and an Ombudsman to serve as a point of contact for family concerns. We will capitalize on the cultural assets parents bring and promote ongoing two-way communication between families and schools. • Engaging community organizations to support parent and family education and support services, to provide students with enrichment and extended learning opportunities, and to advocate on behalf of all students. • Developing relationships with local businesses that will lead to mentorship and internship opportunities for students. • Partnering with our municipalities to maximize community resources and supports for students and families. • Communicating candidly with Highline residents, voters, and taxpayers about our schools' struggles and needs, as well as our successes, and practice excellent stewardship of the funds the public invests in our schools. • Quarterly, in the Highline Journal (mailed to all Highline households), on our website, and in community partner roundtables. • Annually, in our District Report Card (mailed to all Highline households.). This strategic plan is an expression of our community's belief in our students. To realize the bold goals outlined here, we must commit to disciplined implementation of the plan; consistent monitoring of progress to enable course corrections in a timely manner; public reporting to sustain commitment of internal and external stakeholders; and motivating and celebrating effort and accomplishments. With this plan, we reaffirm our collective commitment to success for every student, without exception. Our goals are ambitious-- and imperative. When we achieve them, we will eradicate the achievement and opportunity gaps that have persisted too long in our schools. Our students deserve no less. STRATEGIC PLAN 2013-17 for Highline Public Schools 23

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