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WaterSmart is where our San Diego lifestyle and water efficiency meet. Each step you take has the potential to enhance your lifestyle, increase the value of your home, save money and inspire a neighbor to do the same.

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Laundry to Landscape System Ideas The beauty of this type of system is that it does not require a building permit, does not involve alterations to your plumbing, and is simple enough to build yourself. The pump inside your clothes washer does the work and watering is limited to plants or trees level with your house and within 100 feet, or those downhill from your house. Materials for a DIY project run $150 to $300 and professional installation typically runs $1,000 to $3,000. Add a three-way diverter valve on your clothes washer drain hose so you can direct wash-water to the sewer or your garden. Use 1-inch polyethylene tubing to distribute water to trees and plants downhill from your home. Stop using products that contain bleach, dyes, boron, sodium and nonbiodegradable chemicals that harm plants. Switch to biodegradable and organic brands. If a load of laundry needs bleach, turn the lever on the three-way diverter valve so the washwater goes to the sewer. Video Laundry to Landscape 103

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