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WaterSmart is where our San Diego lifestyle and water efficiency meet. Each step you take has the potential to enhance your lifestyle, increase the value of your home, save money and inspire a neighbor to do the same.

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Ten Legal Requirements for Graywater Use Ideas Laundry to landscape systems do not require a permit as long as installers comply with these requirements: (California Code of Regulations, Title 24, Part 5, Chapter 16A) 1. Contact your city and/or the county to see if it has regulations in addition to state rules. 2. Design your system consistent with the plumbing code. 3. Install a three-way valve to direct graywater to the irrigation system or the sewer. 4. Do not connect to the potable water system, include a pump, or affect the plumbing, electrical, mechanical, structural or safety features of the home. 5. Contain all graywater on site. Don't allow it to pool on your property or drain off site. 6. Release all graywater under at least two inches of mulch, rock, or soil. 7. Minimize human and pet contact with graywater. 8. Divert water used to wash diapers or infectious garments to the sewer. 9. Do not allow graywater to contain hazardous chemicals. 10.Keep an operation and maintenance manual onsite for current and future occupants. Using graywater to irrigate avocado and citrus trees, which are moderate water users,will have a big impact on your water bill Favorite Websites Favorite Websites Step-by-step instructions, FAQs, photos, videos, books and DVDs. 106

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