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Our World Readers, Big Books and Story Time DVDs Bring storytelling into the classroom What's in My Classroom? Level 1 Our World Readers King Midas 6 levels and His Golden Touch Facts About Gold A Myth from Greece 9 full-colour Readers per level 18 Big Books for levels 1 and 2 Retold by Anna OliviaIs Gold? What Gold is a very valuable, shiny metal which is usually yellow in colour. It is one of the first metals people knew and used. It is believed that gold was first used in the Middle East, where the first known civilisations began. The first gold objects date back more than 6 000 years. LeveL 6 ReadeRs Young Cú Chulainn: Athlete and Future Warrior Based on a folk tale from Ireland Gold, which was found in streams, became highly valued in human cultures around the word. It has been found in tombs and with artefacts that date back to the earliest civilisations. Countries around the world used it as money for hundreds of years. Egyptians used gold as money as early as 1 500 B.C. Odon and the Tiny Creatures Based on a folk tale from the Philippines Advertising Techniques: Do You Buy It? The Readers are original stories, folk tales, myths and non-fiction from around the world. King Midas and His Golden Touch A myth from Greece How Quetzalcoatl Brought Chocolate to the People An Aztec legend The River Dragons The Shark King's Cave A folk tale from Hawaii Better Lives with Bionics The Flying Dutchman Based on a legend from Europe A folk tale from China The Our World Readers are fully supported by a Story Time DVD that includes all nine Readers for the level. Each Story Time DVD provides a great way to support the language covered in the Readers – and make reading fun! Encourage reading for fun and bring storytelling into your English language-learning classroom. OWR_BrE_G6U2_Midas_CVR_001 3 Why is Gold so Valuable? Gold is valuable for a number of reasons. Of course it is beautiful. But gold is also a very easy metal to work with. It is soft and can be melted and shaped without difficulty. Gold doesn't rust. It is also difficult to find and there is not a large amount of it left on Earth. How is Gold Used Today? Today, most gold is used to make jewellery. However, because gold is so easy to work with and does not rust like other metals, lots of modern uses for gold have been discovered. Gold is used in lots of electronic devices like mobile phones, computers, printers, photocopiers, televisions and calculators. Gold parts have even been used in cars, in heart surgery and on space shuttles! 3/19/13 4:29 PM 12 13 King Midas and His Golden Touch, Level 6 10

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