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TekTober Video, on the other hand, speaks volumes. "We're using a product from Montage that helps us source people and whittle down the list to where we're comfortable the candidate should be flown in," she notes. "We simply send a link to the launch interview to the candidate, which contains the questions written on the screen. A time is scheduled for the interview beforehand. When I personally send out the interview time, I also let the candidate know what the questions will be ahead of time so they can prepare. And I tell them what they should wear during the interview. I want them to feel comfortable." Kurt Heikkinen, president and CEO of Montage, a purpose-built video interviewing solutions provider, says the travel savings alone for users are substantial. "We have clients that have told me they've reduced their travel expenses by 75 percent," he explains. The strategic benefits are even greater, he asserts. "Given the shortage of specialized skills like nurses and physicians, not to mention software programmers and engineers, you're able to effectively control the perception of your employment brand by job candidates," he says. "We help clients elevate their brands in ways that engage applicants." Heikkinen cites internal survey research indicating that 96 percent of job candidates using the company's video recruiting tools had a favorable impression of the potential employer. Since 75 percent of candidates in a separate survey stated that the experience they had when interviewing or applying for a job influenced their decision to work for the company, the metrics are persuasive of the import of video for the employment brand. Kalstrup from Aon Hewitt, which uses HireVue's video interviewing technology, also touts brand value as a factor in the firm's use of video. "The technology is the first real interaction the job applicant will have with the employer," she says. "First impressions are everything in business and life. If you can get across during this vital period of time your powerful employment brand, you have a better chance of winning the war for talent." Since people are an organization's most vital business asset, this is the battle most worth winning. Tapping Into Technology Ready to take the leap into video interviewing? Here are some highlights of the latest technologies: Active Interview provides the ability to rank and rate candidates, with feedback and notes generated in a PDF report. Spark Hire allows hiring managers to save an unlimited number of question templates so organizations can standardize evaluation criteria and save time by not having to re-type questions. InterviewStream leverages Google Maps API to calculate CO2 emissions, travel mileage, round-trip travel time, and approximate travel costs saved by interviewing online. Montage elevates branding and connectivity by offering a virtual entryway that stimulates the experience that a candidate would have entering the lobby of a client's building by displaying the company brand and culture. GreenJobInterview provides the ability for candidates to upload resumes, cover letters, references, and URLs linking to an online profile. HireVue allows hiring managers to click and share the interview outcomes with decision-making executives around the globe. Videos can be shared and categorized by position to effectively create a video talent pool. Async Interview delivers high-powered analytics and reporting, allowing hiring managers to drill down on specific metrics, candidates, or jobs. Take The Interview has a database of more than 5,000 questions categorized by position and skill set. Employers also have the ability to write out their own questions. WePow 's mobile app allows candidates to interview on the go, recruiters to hit up their talent pools anywhere, and hiring managers to gain visibility anytime. OCTOBER 2013 | [15]

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