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February 2014

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14 wash actions adapt to each load's needs based on cycle and option selected Precision Dispense releases detergent at the right time during the cycle Care Control temperature management system adjusts temperature so water dissolves detergent without overheating The Whirlpool ® Duet ® washer keeps clothes looking newer longer * Inlet thermistor senses incoming and outgoing air temperatures Precise drying ends the cycle at the right time to help prevent damage caused by overdrying Moisture sensing strips monitor moisture levels inside the dryer *Compared to traditional top load washers. ®/ ™ ©2014 Whirlpool. All rights reserved. WPL16167 | Models WFW96HEAU and WE/GD96HEAU. Shown with optional pedestals XHPC155YU. Whirlpool ™ WashSquad Search WHIRLPOOL in the App Store to download the newest laundry app from Whirlpool brand. Whirlpool ® front load washers are ENERGY STAR ® qualified. CALIFORNIA Alex Holton (949) 218-8061 SouthweSt Steve Carron (269) 277-6218 NORTHWEST Mark Collier (206) 276-9756 CENTRAL STATES Mike Hake (269) 208-8046 GREAT LAKES Danielle Whah (269) 876-2357 GREAT PlAins Derek Pline (269) 519-2887 GULF STATES Jim Webb (269) 923-1068 ATLANTIC COAST Mike Druschel (724) 538-0574 FLORIDA Jimmy Clark (904) 473-5089 NORTHEAST Mitchell Isert (856) 829-0592 Bring this pair to your floor today and show customers how innovative features like Adaptive Wash technology and Advanced Moisture Sensing provide powerful reasons to buy WPL16167_WP_Duet_Feb2014_Retail_Obs_Ad_REV010814.indd 2-3 1/8/14 10:34 AM

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