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The Silk Road Project

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As we've seen in our work, with young people from urban public schools to pre-professional orchestras, the Silk Road can be a powerful model for bridging the foreign and the familiar. This year, we continued our Silk Road Connect work with sixth- and seventh-graders in New York and fourth- and fifth-graders in Boston. We also partnered with the President's Committee on the Arts and the Humanities Turnaround Arts initiative in Boston, Massachusetts, and Lame Deer, Montana. During Silk Road Ensemble tours, 27 musician-led workshops reached nearly 3,200 participants, from elementary school kids to university music students and also the Chicago Civic Orchestra. Silk Road Connect Engages Inside Lame Deer Ensemble Workshops Tales of Wonder "I learned how to work with other teammates and do my job the best I can. While preparing for the performance, we were pointing out where we need to improve and helping each other to get better. Teamwork is what made this a great show." —MICHELLE, 6TH GRADE BROADENING HORIZONS

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