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Making Space for Rooms to Breathe I sabella Guajardo brings order to a chaotic world. "I'm somewhere between house cleaner and interior designer," laughs the owner of Bella Organizing, a Monterey- and Oakland-based moving and organizing business. Working with residential clients who range from studio dwellers to suburban homeowners, Guajardo provides an assortment of what she terms "interior redesign" services. "It is different from interior design," she explains. "I work with what you have...I focus on organizing spaces for functionality first, and for aesthetics next, so that you can be more productive." Guajardo, a member of the National Association of Professional Organizers, arrived at her business idea almost by accident. Because she has a truck, friends often asked her to help them move. When she found herself with free time between nonprofit jobs, those friends referred her to others. This inspired Guajardo to launch Girl With a Truck moving serv- ice in 2006. She rebranded the company as Bella Organizing about three years ago, after clients continually requested space planning advice. She's since focused on bringing order to storage units, garages, home offices, kitchen pantries and whole houses. Whether Guajardo is helping someone organize a new space or sim- ply declutter, she encourages people to plan for long-term success. In addition to setting up filing and storage systems, she teaches clients how to really use them. "It's not going to last unless you maintain it," says Guajardo. "You can learn to be organized. It just takes a little time. It's about working toward a lifestyle change." Organization doesn't require a big investment, she adds. In fact, she prefers to make the most of what clients already own. "We can be very happy without having to shop and buy new things. Subtle rearranging can liven things up," she explains. "If you've had the same art and furniture for decades, it can get old. Redesign using what you have, and you'll learn to love what you have all over again." To learn more about Bella Organizing, visit —Renee Brincks SHORTCUTS BUSINESS Professional organizer Isabella Guajardo takes cluttered disorganized spaces and revamps them into serene, orderly areas. She also helps teach clients to implement and use filing systems, and to reorganize their personal items and furniture for a more beautiful effect. 64 C A R M E L M A G A Z I N E • S P R I N G / S U M M E R 2 0 1 4 Photo: Kelli Uldall 044-70 Shortcuts_SU05 Carmel Magazine 4/21/14 7:28 AM Page 10

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