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Spring 2014

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e eleventh annual symposium, "A Just and Lasting Peace": Ending the Civil War, in the United States Capitol Historical Society's series, "e National Capital in a Na- tion Divided: Congress and the District of Columbia Confront Sectionalism and Slavery," will be held on Friday, May 2, 2014. Since 2004 the Society has conducted a major series of annual conferences on the important issues that confronted the national government in the antebellum, Civil War, and Re- construction eras. Paul Finkelman, the President William McKinley Distinguished Professor of Law and Public Policy at Albany Law School, directs the series in consultation with the Society's Vice President for Scholarship and Education, Donald Kennon. e annual symposia are held at locations on Capitol Hill and bring together the best and brightest new scholarship. e 2014 symposium will be held in the Dirksen Senate Of- fice Building, Room G50, and will focus attention on Con- gress and the issues surrounding bringing the Civil War to a close. In addition to moderator Finkelman, other speakers include Gregory Downs, City College and Graduate Center, CUNY; Carole Emberton, Associate Professor of History, Univer- sity of Buļ¬€alo; Matthew Pinsker, Associate Professor of History and Pohanka Chair in American Civil War History at Dickin- son College; Anne Sarah Rubin, Associate Professor of His- tory, University of Maryland, Baltimore County; Michael Voren- berg, Associate Professor of History, Brown University; and Peter Wallenstein, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Visit our website,, to pre-register or to get the latest information on the speakers' topics and program order. You may also pre-register by emailing or by calling (202) 543-8919, ext. 38 and leaving a message. Papers presented at the Society's symposia are published in collected editions by Ohio University Press. ree volumes in this series are currently available and may be purchased at the Society's web site store: Congress and the Emergence of Section- alism; In the Shadow of Freedom: e Politics of Slavery in the National Capital; and Congress and the Crisis of the 1850s, All are edited by Paul Finkelman and Donald R. Kennon. 2014 Annual Symposium Announced NON PROFIT ORG U.S. POSTAGE PAID PERMIT NO. 9690 WASHINGTON, DC 200 Maryland Ave., NE Washington, DC 20002 (202) 543-8919 (800) 887-9318 e-mail:

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