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This index includes articles published this year in Powder and Bulk Engineering. Articles are listed by issue; each issue's focus topic articles are listed before general articles. You'll find listings for articles published after July under "Article Archive" at www.powderbulk.com. January — Mixing and Blending Case history: Paddle mixers help a specialty seasoning man- ufacturer achieve better blends A seasoning manufacturer reaches a gold standard of product in- tegrity using two paddle mixers. Case history: Rotary batch mixer helps a nutraceutical manufacturer simplify its sanitary production process A nutraceutical manufacturer finds that a small rotary batch mixer reduces waste and meets sanitation requirements. Suppliers' tips Equipment suppliers explain what to consider when choosing a shaft seal for an agitating mixer. Industry perspective: Combustible metal fires: Unique haz- ards that require the right response John Astad The author discusses regulations and procedures related to pre- venting and extinguishing combustible metal fires. Editor's choice A PBE editor shines a spotlight on the International Fine Parti- cles Research Institute. Drying Desk John J. Walsh Learn how to increase production and reduce costs in fluid-bed drying operations. Agglomeration Advisor Rachel Smith The author discusses particle sizing for feed materials and granules. Passive or active: Selecting an explosion protection method for your dust collector Burke Desautels Learn about the explosion protection methods available for dust collectors and how to choose the right method for your application. Overcoming challenges in retrofitting an existing process or making a corrective retrofit Lyn Bates, Shrikant Dhodapkar, and George Klinzing Bulk solids experts provide insider advice about designing and implementing successful process retrofits. February — Screening and Classifying Quick tips for solving screen-clamping problems with your circular vibratory sieve Rob O'Connell This article provides practical advice to help you avoid over- or undertightening the screen deck clamps on a circular vibratory sieve. Test center: Test lab helps a manufacturer select screening equipment A fluorescent bulb manufacturer looks for screening equipment to better aid material recycling. Suppliers' tips Learn what maintenance steps you should take to prevent screening problems. Industry perspective: Combustible dust sampling plan saves testing costs Gary Q. Johnson Having your dust tested for combustibility will provide the in- formation you need to develop protective equipment and oper- ating strategies. Dust Doctor John A. Constance The author discusses the importance of routine dust collection system testing and maintenance. Particle Professor Ray Cocco Understand pressure's role in fluidized-bed performance. EnviroPlant Learn how bulk solids plants are changing their operations to be more environmentally friendly. March — Pneumatic Conveying Pneumatic points to ponder… Jack D. Hilbert and Paul E. Solt Learn how to simplify conveying challenges with closed-loop pneumatic conveying. Vacuum pneumatic conveying: Choosing the right system components for your non-free-flowing powder Doan Pendleton This article provides advice for choosing vacuum conveying system components to successfully transfer non-free-flowing powders. Suppliers' tips Equipment suppliers explain what can cause your conveying rate to go down when you speed up your blower. Industry perspective: Supplier test centers: Essential for process design Shrikant Dhodapkar When you're selecting new equipment, a supplier's test center can be a key resource. Preventing moisture caking, the unwanted agglomeration Jairo Paternina This article describes characterization tests that can determine whether a material will cake due to moisture and discusses pos- sible post-process solutions for preventing moisture caking dur- ing storage and transportation. Index to January-July 2014 articles 6 PBE August 2014

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