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43 PBE August 2014 Universal mill (see MILLS) Urethane belting (see BELTING, CONVEYOR) Urethane bucket (see ELEVATOR BUCKETS) V V-cone dryer (see DRYERS) V-cone mixer (see MIXERS & BLENDERS) Vacuum bag filler (see BAG FILLING EQUIPMENT) Vacuum coater (see PARTICLE COATING EQUIPMENT) Vacuum control (see CONTROLS) Vacuum dryer (see DRYERS) Vacuum filters (see CAKE FILTRATION EQUIPMENT) Vacuum manipulators (see BAG HANDLING EQUIPMENT) Vacuum mixer (see MIXERS & BLENDERS) Vacuum pneumatic conveyor (see PNEUMATIC CONVEYORS) Vacuum/pressure pneumatic conveyor (see PNEUMATIC CONVEYORS) Valve, air pressure bag filler (see BAG FILLING EQUIPMENT) Valve, auger bag filler (see BAG FILLING EQUIPMENT) Valve, gravity bag filler (see BAG FILLING EQUIPMENT) Valve, paper (see MULTIWALL BAGS) Valve, plastic (see MULTIWALL BAGS) Venting (see EXPLOSION VENTING) Vertical cone mixer (see MIXERS & BLENDERS) Vertical conveyor (see MECHANICAL CONVEYORS) Vertical dryer (see DRYERS) Vertical mill (see MILLS) Vibrating tables (see COMPACTION TABLES) Vibratory agglomerator (see AGGLOMERATION EQUIPMENT) Vibratory analyzer (see ANALYZERS) Vibratory ball mill (see MILLS) Vibratory conveyor (see MECHANICAL CONVEYORS) Vibratory dryer (see DRYERS) Vibratory feeder (see FEEDERS) Vibratory mixer (see MIXERS & BLENDERS) Vibratory screener (see SCREENING EQUIPMENT) Volumetric bag filler (see BAG FILLING EQUIPMENT) Volumetric feeder (see FEEDERS) W Walled belt conveyor (see MECHANICAL CONVEYORS) Waste recovery collector (see DUST COLLECTORS) Waterproof bags (see BULK BAGS) Wedge slot screener (see SCREENING EQUIPMENT) Weigh belt feeder (see FEEDERS) Weigh controller/indicator (see SCALES) Weigh feeder (see FEEDERS) Weigh/blend system (see WEIGHING SYSTEMS) Welded steel silo (see SILOS) Wet collector (see DUST COLLECTORS) Wet/dry loader (see VACUUM LOADERS) Wet grinding mill (see MILLS) Wire cloth (see SCREENING MEDIA) Wire mesh (see SCREENING MEDIA) Woven polypropylene bags (see BULK BAGS) Woven wire (see SCREENING MEDIA) Z Zeta potential analyzer (see ANALYZERS) Zipper bag closer (see BAG CLOSING/SEALING EQUIPMENT) Keep up to date with the latest information in the industry with Air Pollution Control magazine. Air Pollution Control The only technical information publication dedicated to readers dealing with air pollution control in industrial environments Visit www.apcmag.net to start your FREE subscription today.

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