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September 2014

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM SEPTEMBER 2014 4 SEPTEMBER 2014, VOLUME 25, ISSUE 9 CELEBRATING OUR 25 TH YEAR AS THE RETAIL OBSERVER PUBLISHER/MANAGING EDITOR E LIANA BARRIGA DIRECTOR OF SALES AND MARKETING MOE LASTFOGEL ART DIRECTOR TERRY PRICE CONTRIBUTING WRITERS TIMOTHY BEDNARZ PAT KELLY RON KOSTREBA PAUL MAC DONALD PATRICK MALONEY JIM RISTOW JOHN TSCHOHL E LLY VALAS LIBBY WAGNER DEADLINE FOR NOV. 2014 ISSUE: OCTOBER 1, 2014 THE RETAIL OBSERVER 2764 N. Green Valley Pkwy, Suite 508 Henderson, NV 89014-2121 800.393.0509 • 702.208.9500 Fax 702.570.5664 To receive a copy of The Retail Observer online, or to unsubscribe, please go to The Retail Observer website is hosted by Market Digitally THE RETAIL Printed on Recycled Paper KEEP EARTH IN BUSINESS Eliana Barriga Until next time, Elle's View As I See It I t shouldn't surprise you that this famous quote comes from John Maxwell, one of the most respected experts in the field of leadership. If anyone copes with change day in and day out, it's the business owner. But the irony is that we are the very same people that fight change the most. Look around your business, have you added any new product lines or services lately? What about new partnerships with vendors or collaborations with other local businesses? Have you attended any new trade shows, participated in a new training program or sponsored a local event? Most of us think that we are playing it safe in business by sticking with what has been and what has worked. Staying in our comfort zone is what seemingly keeps us protected and is what keeps us in business. But actually, when we work against change, we work against growth. We close the door to new conversations and possible opportunities. It's like swimming up stream with the same determination as the current against us. You feel like you're working hard and getting things done but in reality you are only staying in place or worse drifting backwards. In the spirit of the changing seasons, I challenge you to pick one area of your business this month where you will consciously stop swimming up stream, turn around and allow the current to take you in a new direction. Call that vendor who has been trying to reach you and find out about her services. Sign up for that trade show that you've always wanted to go to but never got around to attending. Sit down and talk with that employee who seems to be full of energy and new ideas. Get excited about embracing change in your business and I promise you that growth will soon follow. CHANGE IS INEVITABLE GROWTH IS OPTIONAL

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