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FROM TOP: GETTY IMAGES; ALBERT NGUON; GETTY IMAGES I peer eagerly through the ca r window as w e wind through a fairy-tale forest, thin trees fl icking before my eyes like an optical illusion. I'm on my way from Lu xembourg 's only airpor t to see my friend Hannah at her home in the town of Walferdange, just outside Luxembourg City. Hers is one of a score of modern, boxlike dollhouses, each painted in diff erent pastels and surrounded by small gardens. It is beautiful, cupped in the hand of the valley, surrounded by mountains and forests. "This doesn't even seem real," I tell her. Wedged between France, Germany and Belgium, this tiny country is a perfectly crafted microcosm of the continent, combining varied architectural styles and lang uages. At 2,586 square kilometers (999 square miles), Luxembourg is smaller than Rhode Island (1,214 square miles), the smallest TRAVEL By K r isten O'N e a l The Charm of Luxembourg This tiny country is a MELTING POT of European culture. FROM TOP: The Jardin du Luxembourg is one of the beautiful gardens in Luxembourg City. There's more than caffeine at Coffee Lounge. Vianden Castle, completed in the 14th century, has been impressively restored. 4 2 O C TO B E R 2 01 4 A A .CO M/A M E R I C A NWAY

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