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O n Friday, May 2, scholars from six colleges and universities gathered in the Dirksen Senate Office Building to discuss various aspects of the end of the Civil War and slavery in the United States. All the topics had a modern aspect, relevance, or comparison, and all the talks from "'A Just and Lasting Peace': Ending the Civil War" are airing on C-SPAN over the course of the summer and fall. Anne Sarah Rubin (University of Maryland, Baltimore County) discussed Sherman's 1864 March through Georgia and the way it presaged the modern concept of total war. Both Paul Finkelman (Albany Law School) and Brown University's Michael Vorenberg examined the trial of Andersonville commandant Henry Wirz and the challenges of trying him for what were essentially war crimes before the concept of war crimes existed. Several speakers dealt with the challenges of peace. Carole Emberton, from the University of Buffalo, spoke about the Freedman's Bureau during Reconstruction; she covered both material issues like starvation and abstract concepts like emancipation as she highlighted the fact that people then (and now) can starve even when working. (cont. on page 2) 2014 SYMPOSIUM CONSIDERS END OF CIVIL WAR SPRING LECTURES, PAGE 7 Matthew Pinsker MARKETPLACE, PAGE 11 SAUND DOCUMENTARY, PAGE 8 THE CAPITOL DOME A NEWSLETTER PUBLISHED BY THE UNITED STATES CAPITOL HISTORICAL SOCIETY VOLUME 51, NUMBER 2 SUMMER 2014

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