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S o l a r E n e r g y S o l u t i o n s P r o t e c t i o n P r o d u c t s Material Polyamide 6 (PA6) Operating Temperature -40 °F to +248 °F (-40 °C to +120 °C) Operating Temp Moving -4 °F to +212 °F (-20 °C to +100 °C) Flammability UL94 V2 Material Data Standard Weight Nylon Slit Conduit HG-SWSL Series, PA6 A standard weight corrugated conduit with a center slit opening that eases installation and maintenance of wire and cable bundles. Easy to cut and use, the material is highly resistant to solvents and oils, and offers abrasion resistance and a high fatigue life. Part No. Nominal Size (Ø) Pitch Type Outside Diameter Ø (OD) Inside Diameter Ø (ID) Inside Bend Radius Color Package Quantity per Reel in (mm) in (mm) in (mm) in (mm) ft (m) 166-90270 3/8 (16.0) F (Fine) HG-SWSL0380 0.63 (15.8) 0.47 (11.8) 1.38 (35.0) Black 100 (30.5) 166-90271 1/2 (21.0) F (Fine) HG-SWSL0500 0.84 (21.2) 0.66 (16.7) 1.78 (45.0) Black 100 (30.5) 166-90272 3/4 (28.0) F (Fine) HG-SWSL0750 1.13 (28.5) 0.90 (22.8) 1.97 (50.0) Black 100 (30.5) 166-90273 1 (34.0) C (Coarse) HG-SWSL1000 1.36 (34.5) 1.11 (28.1) 2.36 (60.0) Black 50 (15.2) 166-90274 1-1/4 (42.0) C (Coarse) HG-SWSL1250 1.68 (42.5) 1.40 (35.5) 2.76 (70.0) Black 50 (15.2) 166-90275 1-1/2 (54.0) C (Coarse) HG-SWSL1500 2.15 (54.5) 1.86 (47.2) 3.15 (80.0) Black 50 (15.2) Use Part No. for ordering and Type for specification purposes. Product Selection HG-SWSL Series, PA6 p protection products HelaGuard nylon conduits utilize materials that are highly resistant to UV rays, making it ideally suited for use in solar applications. Slit construction helps ease installation and offers easy access to wires and cables during and post installation. HelaGuard HG-HISL series conduit is made of PA12 nylon which offers superior protection against UV rays. HG-SWSL is made of PA6 nylon which contains additives that help enhance its resistance to UV without sacrificing its flexibility. HG-DC series HelaGuard conduit offers a unique interlocking construction that not only makes installations fast and easy, but also provides a dual layer of nylon PA6 material to fend off UV radiation. 22 800.537.1512

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