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31 BizEd November/ December 2014 31 BizEd November/ December 2014 of physicians, scientists, engineers, bioengineering PhD students, and others who need to learn the busi- ness processes that will allow them to commercialize their ideas. We started Stanford Ignite by holding nine-week evening programs and four-week full-time programs on our campus in California. Then we expanded to Bangalore, India; Santi- ago, Chile; Paris; and Beijing. While some of the courses feature in-person teaching, we also use high-definition live video technology to beam fac- ulty to those locations. We take a high-touch, high-impact program and distill it into a condensed format that is portable and flexible—and that changes lives, no matter where in the world students are when they enroll in the program. I've been stunned by the incred- ible solutions, with impact on real people, that have come out of the program. For example, electrical engineer Sam Mazin co-founded RefleXion Medical, now a venture- backed company developing a bio- logically guided radiation therapy system that more accurately targets solid tumors in the body. Mechani- cal engineer Lee Redden co-founded Blue River Technology, which uses computer vision and robotics to build agricultural solutions that aim to dramatically increase yields and move industrial farming toward plant-by-plant care. Then there's Australian Jenna Tregarthen, a clinical psychologist whose close friend suffered from an eating disorder. She created the mobile app Recovery Record that helps people with disorders monitor food intake and offer anonymous, round-the-clock support. Since it launched, nearly 200,000 individuals have completed 6 million therapeu- tic assignments designed to derail unhealthy urges. Teaching people how to bring their ideas to life is what gets me up every day. It's the ultimate impact of management education. 31 BizEd November/ December 2014

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