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Health & Safet y There's nothing like the "no quit" thrill of pushing through an intense workout, the total mind-and-body serenity of a relaxing yoga session or the small comfort in being prepared for any emergency. When you give a water bottle, yoga mat or first aid kit to a customer or prospect, you're not just giving a promotional item – you're giving motivation, escape and peace of mind with every sip, every om, every "all better." That's an experience your customers will never forget, and one that can invigorate your sales. An industry study 1 found that 51% of recipients said they'd be more likely to do business with an advertiser who gave them a health or safety item; second highest among all promotional products. 44% 75% 32% of adults don't own a first aid kit. 2 How you can help? You can't stop cuts and scrapes from happening, but you can get help people patch them up by providing a logoed first aid kit. Encourage recipients to check and restock it quarterly to keep promoting safety awareness all year long. of adults do not engage in at least 10 minutes of physical activity per day. 3 How you can help? Short of doing jumping jacks in the break room or installing a treadmill desk, there aren't many options for workers to stay active at the office. Try using pedometers as part of a workplace health initiative and reward employees who reach milestone step counts. of people may suffer from chronic dehydration. 4 How you can help? Carrying a 30-pack of water isn't practical and vending machines can get pricey. So give a reusable water bottle instead. It will encourage recipients to keep up their water intake. Plus, a branded bottle will be used everywhere from the office to the gym, increasing logo exposure for your business. 1. ASI Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study: 2014 Edition 2. Adelphi University Poll 3. American Heart Association: Statistical Fact Sheet 2013 Update 4. CBS Miami 34

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