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Housewares What is your idea of home? It might be the togetherness of a hot meal on the table, swapping stories about the day or planning for the upcoming holidays. It could be the laughter while entertaining friends, the sound of glasses clinking with every "cheers" or the feet up, no expectations calm of a night curled up on the couch. Whatever your idea of home is, one thing is certain — it is so much more than just a place. That's why promotional housewares are so important. Whether it's knife sets for prepping dinner and bags to pack for the family trip or barbecue tools for backyard gatherings, housewares take care of the little things so we can focus on what really matters: family and friends, making memories and being ourselves. Plus, they make sense for your business. The global housewares market is valued at $314.3 billion 1 , proof that these items are always in demand and ready to help bring your brand home. 1. International Housewares Association 2013 State of the Industry Report (pg.48) (pg.45) (pg.48) 42

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