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74 million 1 Major League Baseball National Football League English Premier League National Hockey League 17.5 million 2 13.9 million 3 21.5 million 4 Tension is in the air as 40,000 fans rise to their feet, each too nervous to make a sound. This is it: Win or go home. The wind-up. The pitch. The big hit. Cameras flash, lighting up the stands like fireworks in the night sky. The stadium erupts in cheers. Strangers hug strangers and dance in the aisles. It doesn't get more exciting than a sporting event, and not just for the fans, but for your business too. Big crowds are a brand's best friend and there are few bigger venues than a stadium packed to the upper deck. What do all those rowdy, enthusiastic fans need most? Barbecue tools and coolers to get pumped up pregame, sunglasses and seat cushions to help them stay focused on the action and bags and backpacks to carry everything home. No sporting event or outdoor activity is complete without the right gear and with promotional sports and outdoor items, you can give customers and clients the game day experience they deserve – all while scoring major points for your brand. Sports & Outdoors 1. ESPN MLB Attendance Report: 2013 2. ESPN NFL Attendance Report: 2013 3. ESPN Barclays Premier League Stats: 2013-14 4. ESPN NHL Attendance Report: 2012 68

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