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January 2015

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM JANUARY 2015 18 commercial beer dispensing experience, the new, patented 650SS Forward Sealing Flow Control Faucet brings unrivaled beer dispensing technology into the home. "Given the popularity of outdoor entertaining areas, high-end home bars and craft beer, Perlick was determined to add a new level of functionality to our residential beer dispensing offering. And, the result is Perlick's patented 650SS Forward Sealing Flow Control Faucet," states Vice President of Marketing and Business Development at Perlick, Tim Ebner. "We are thrilled to be the first to make this faucet a standard feature and to unveil it at KBIS. The functionality and technology it brings to Perlick's Signature Series Beer Dispensers makes pouring all styles of craft beer, in the comfort of home, effortless." Advantages of Perlick's Signature Series standard feature 650SS Forward Sealing Flow Control Faucet: • Properly serves a variety of craft beers, effortlessly. Different styles of beer are carbonated at various levels—ranging from an Irish Stout which is traditionally a high-viscosity, low carbonated beer that pours beautifully to bright wheat beers which are highly carbonated and tend to pour with excessive head, which requires a slower pour. Perlick's new 650SS features the unique ability to adjust the flow rate at the faucet, ensuring that beer is poured at the proper flow rate, no matter the style. This is especially important on Perlick's dual-tap beer dispensers that pour a different style of beer from each faucet. • New, patented dispensing technology. Patented and proprietary to Perlick, the 650SS Flow Control faucet features a lever on the outside of the faucet that can be incrementally adjusted to accommodate a variety of hard-to-pour craft beers while preventing excessive foaming. The new faucet also includes a variety of other unique faucet innovations, including patented forward sealing technology that eliminates contamination. • An unmatched solution for outdoor beer dispensing. Hot summer weather can wreak havoc on standard home kegerators. Combined with Perlick's air-cooled dispensing tower, the new 650SS is ideal for outdoor installations because it eliminates foamy, wasted beer by keeping the temperature consistent from the keg, up through the tower, and through the faucet at a customized flow rate. • The world's most sanitary solution. Designed by veteran Perlick engineers, the new 650SS features an innovative ball and floating O-ring design. Comprised of fewer internal parts than competitor faucets, the patented forward sealing design is unique in that it prevents beer from coming in contact with air until it leaves the faucet—preventing build-up of mold and bacteria in the faucet body. For more information about the unique, patented 650SS Forward Sealing Flow Control Faucet and Perlick's unmatched line of outdoor and indoor Signature Series Beer Dispensers, visit and for the latest news and announcements regarding KBIS, visit DACOR ® UNVEILS THE WORLD'S FIRST SMART PROFESSIONAL COOKING RANGE FOR THE HOME Discovery IQ™ 48" dual-fuel range combines cooking precision with remote access for the ultimate connected kitchen Dacor ® introduces its new Discovery iQ™ 48" Dual-Fuel Range, the world's first range to feature an integrated, wirelessly-connected tablet. The range incorporates the proprietary Dacor iQ Controller, which features the Dacor Cooking App that runs on an Android™ * based tablet. The Dacor iQ Cooking App empowers users with all the tools they need for precision cooking. Dacor also has made available the Dacor iQ Remote App to enable control of the range via any smart phone or tablet, from anywhere they are connected. The iQ Remote App is available from either the Google Play™ * Store or Apple App Stores. The Dacor iQ Cooking Application is the perfect tool for busy, connected home chefs—enabling them to watch cooking tutorials, download favorite recipes and access expert cooking advice, right from the range. The pre-programmed Dacor Guide™ eliminates the guesswork in preparing a wide range of dishes; and when the meal is complete, the range automatically switches to a warming mode The Discovery iQ 48" Dual-Fuel Range is the world's first range to feature an integrated, wirelessly-connected tablet. (photo: © Dacor) I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ]

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