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January 2015

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JANUARY 2015 RETAILOBSERVER.COM 35 I t's where we go to get our day started, sometimes to snack and often to prepare a celebration. Many feel it is the heart of the home. No matter how you slice it, one thing is clear: The kitchen brings people together more so than any other room in the house. But the latest generation of kitchens is about much more than sleek and austere design or a splash of color in the cabinets. The new smart kitchen has taken into account the relationship between the room and its residents so you get a perfect blend of technology and art that delights gadget geeks and foodies alike. SMART PRODUCTS FOR A SMART KITCHEN "Basically, you can take your kitchen with you anywhere in the house," laughs Sub-Zero engineer Steve Nackers. And vice-versa, points out his wife Kirstin, "We can control just about every aspect of the house from the kitchen through the Control4 remote control." Notably, the smart appliances are as easy to navigate as they are innovative. "At first, Kirstin was worried that the house would take control—that it would be a situation like The Terminator," says Steve. "She was afraid it would be complicated. Now she absolutely loves it. The kitchen is the first thing she shows people when they come over." The Control4 smart kitchen is designed around the Sub-Zero Built-In Series refrigerators and the Wolf E-Series ovens. Both integrate seamlessly with a Control4 automation system, effectively making the kitchen a command center for anyone who spends even a little bit of time there. THE SUB-ZERO BUILT-IN SERIES REFRIGERATOR The "smart" refrigerator will not only alert you that the fridge door is open—it will report how long it's been open. You can choose to be alerted either with a text message or by having the house lights pulse on and off. "That's something I do myself all the time," says Steve. "I'll shut the fridge with my leg and I won't realize that it jammed and is still open a couple inches. Of course, you never notice. And before you know it, the ice cream's melted, the chicken gets frostbitten from thawing and refreezing and you've leaked all this energy." Additionally, the fridge can be programmed for party mode to increase ice production and adjust cooling to accommodate the traffic increase. Conversely, it can be programmed for a long weekend away. In this mode, food preservation settings ensure that food stays as fresh as possible. For longer stays, vacation mode will reduce energy consumption and cooling to a minimum to make sure the fridge is food-ready upon return. Eat. Control. Love. A perfect recipe of culinary arts and controL— Introducing the smart kitchen that delights gadget geeks and foodies alike

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