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March 2015

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RETAILOBSERVER.COM FEBRUARY 2015 18 step via audio and visual alerts and mobile notifications. The result is a perfectly cooked meal each and every time. Medium, rare, well done and everything in between is a matter of personal preference. To accommodate everyone, the MyChef™ operating system asks at the beginning of each grilling cycle if the user would like to add or subtract time from the last preparation of the same entrée. SmartGrill then records the new preferences in the database for the perfect flavor, every time. Users are also able to craft their own recipes for the SmartGrill and share them with the community of SmartGrill by Lynx users. Lynx's iOS and Android app is refreshed and ready to become a virtual sous chef with a simplistic and intuitive design. Directly monitoring cooking times, temperatures and more, the SmartGrill app tells users when attention is required by sending different alerts. For additional security SmartGrill users can shut off the grill remotely using the app. SmartGrill also has an emergency shutoff if it doesn't receive instructions for 30 minutes. Committed to incorporating the same high standards used in commercial restaurant kitchen products – quality materials, fine craftsmanship and innovation – Lynx's collection of stainless steel grills sets a high bar for luxury. The dedication to innovation has resulted in such advances as Lynx's Hood Assist Kit, which makes lifting and lowering the grill's hood effortless; the Lynx ProSear2™ variable infrared burner, for cooking at high and low temperatures, and the use of cast brass burners for holding and radiating high temperatures. The SmartGrill will be available for purchase beginning in March 2015. The SmartGrill by Lynx will be available in three sizes (30", 36", 42") with a price between $6,000 and $9,500. For more information about SmartGrill, visit: NEW VIKING PROFESSIONAL FRENCH- DOOR OVEN MAKES PERFORMANCE AND ACCESSIBILITY EASY Viking Range, LLC is pleased to announce the introduction of the 30" wide French-Door Double Oven to the line of Viking Professional built-in ovens. The Viking Professional French-Door Double Oven introduces total convenience with the same superior power and performance as other Viking Professional ovens. Side swing doors, inspired by ovens in a commercial kitchen, turn this traditional oven into a modern amenity, putting accessibility within arm's reach. I N D U S T R Y [ N E W S ]

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