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28 March 2015 Tablets & Capsules A survey of what's available Counter-filler EC-12 electronic counter-filler uses 12 photo sensors that scan as many as 9,000 products per minute. Sensor tolerance adjusts to detect and reject or to ignore out-of-spec products. Primary feeder automatically adjusts vibration to maintain consistent product flow. Tablet sensor assembly, shutter assembly, and quick-release front and rear feed trays remove without tools. Filler automatically learns tablet size and stores as many as 250 recipes that you access via color touch-screen. Unit fills bottles 1.5 to 10 inches tall. Other features include no-bottle/no-fill sensing, reject verification, and removable dust extraction system. Modular Packaging Systems, Randolph, NJ. Tel. 973 970 9393 Table-top counter Kirby Lester KL1 compact table-top counter with through- put of 15 to 18 tablets/capsules per second is faster and more accurate than counting trays, scales, and hand-counting. Unit requires no calibration and needs no programming or setup changes to count different products. Removable product con- tact parts are easy to clean. In inventory mode, unit counts as high as 9,999 and keeps count after you empty tray. Appli- cations include QA checks of bottle filling lines. Company also supplies low-, medium-, and production-scale bottle fillers, blister packaging equipment, tooling, and change parts, as well as deblistering equipment and leak detectors. Service Industries, Rolling Meadows, IL. Tel. 847 392 1652 counters and bottle fillers Counter-filler VSL-16 counter-filler has 16 counting channels, each with dual nozzles, and uses 176 Honeywell photo sensors to ensure accuracy. Based on size 0 capsule, maximum speed is 84 60-count bottles per minute. Three-stage vibratory unit with adjustable-frequency control provides fast and stable in- feeding. Air cylinder ensures accurate bottle placement and removal; fill nozzles insert slightly into bottles to prevent spillage. Counter-filler handles tablets 5 to 22 millimeters in diameter as well as hard and soft capsules size 00 to 5. Vanguard Pharmaceutical Machinery, Spring, TX. Tel. 281 528 8885

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