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Tablets & Capsules March 2015 29 Counter-fillers Countlab Street Fighter series electronic counter-fillers fill as many as 250 100-count bottles per minute and handle round, square, hexagonal, or odd-shaped tablets, hard capsules, and softgels. Keyed parts, modular design, and snap-latch con- nections ensure quick, tool-free changeover. Allen-Bradly touch-screen interface eases recipe programming and machine operation; software meets 21 CFR Part 11. No com- pressed air is required, promoting efficiency while preventing cross-contamination. Vacuum cleaning system eliminates dust, reducing downtime. Counters have small footprint and meet or exceed cGMP and FDA requirements. Capmatic, Montreal, Quebec. Tel. 514 322 0062 Your One-Stop Solution for Material Handling and Flow Problems Getting it RIGHT the First Time T: (352) 303-9123 Email: range down to 0.1 KPA, allowing direct measurement for arching. Do not rely on inherently inaccurate extrapolation for answers. If you can generate sufficient sample to run a particle size analysis, you've got a enough sample to directly measure strength with the SSSpinTester. Visit us online: Measure Bulk Strength of API at Formulation Using the science of centrifugal force, the SSSpinTester measures bulk strength of fine powders using a sample as small as 0.05 gram. Current methods of measuring the strength of a powdered material require at least one liter of sample – hard to come by in pharmaceutical and chemical industries. New technology extends the testing

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