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Tablets & Capsules March 2015 35 A survey of what's available Deduster-metal detector Model KD6015 vertical tablet deduster conveys as many as 3.5 million tablets per hour while elevating them as high as 500 millimeters; Ceia metal detector (photo, upper left) is optional. KD60 series offers two conveying height options. C820 controller with integral acceleration sensor maintains steady flow of tablets under varying loads. Orientation of flexible inlet and outlet adjusts easily to suit your application. Company offers engineering and design assistance, as well as custom units that convey tablets faster, over longer distances, and/or within high-containment enclosures. Kraemer US, Allendale, NJ. Tel. 201 962 8200 dedusters Deduster-tester-metal detector AIO (all-in-one) tablet deduster-tester-metal detector in - cludes PharmaFlex segmented spirals made from either pres- sure-molded polymer or 316 stainless steel; each segment is 500 millimeters tall. Unit's compact, in-process tester checks tablet weight, hardness, and thickness; metal detector includes adjustable sensitivity. Tester attaches to deduster base via push-fit, cable-free connectors, eliminating convey- ing pipes/wires for power, data, and compressed air. Vacuum transfer and filter provide direct, dust-free delivery of samples to tester. Other features include low-noise operation (less than 65 decibels), vibration-effect cancellation, complete tablet discharge, and quick product changeover. Fette Compacting America, Rockaway, NJ. Tel. 973 586 8722 Deduster Stainless steel deduster simultaneously elevates and dedusts as many as 1 million tablets per hour. Features include vari- able-speed control, polishing of sides/angles, and long dedusting path. Feeding height ranges from 33 to 39 inches; chute adjusts between 42 and 48 inches. Company also offers tablet compression tooling, tablet presses, replacement parts, accessories, and services. Natoli Engineering, St. Charles, MO. Tel. 636 926 8900

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