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CONGRESSMAN JOHN LEWIS HONORED WITH FREEDOM AWARD (CON'T) Robb acknowledged the close ties between her family and John Lewis. To capture the essence of Lewis's work, she quoted President Johnson: "Our mission is at once the oldest and the most basic of this country: to right wrongs, to do justice, and to serve man." In the final analysis, we are one people, one family, the human family. We all live in one house, the American house, the world house. My friends, we must keep the faith. We must continue until we create a nation and a world com - munity that is finally at peace with itself. If it hadn't been for the spirit of history moving across our land, and the involvement of hundreds, thousands, and millions of citizens of good will, the president and Members of Congress, I wouldn't be standing here tonight. If you were to summarize all the arguments made in these chambers from the beginning of this nation's founding until this very day, most of them revolve around the true meaning of freedom. The search for freedom is the core of every con- flict. It is the foundation of every great speech. It is written on the heart of every man. It calls from the depths of every woman's soul. ALL IMAGES THIS ARTICLE: KATIE AND JOHN GARLOCK, PORTRAITIONS While accepting the Freedom Award, Lewis told of his first experiences in Washington, the quest for freedom, and his current vision for America: When I first came to Washington it was May 1, 1961; I was a participant in the Freedom Rides. The first time I entered the U.S. Capitol, it was the morning of August 28, 1963, when all the speakers at the March on Washington came to Capitol Hill to visit both the House and Senate leaders. Each time I come into this place, and I've been in Congress now for more than 28 years, I feel more than lucky, I feel blessed. Each day that I am here, I learn more about the significance of this build- ing, its paintings, the statues, and its meaning to the American people. Sometimes I feel like these statues are speaking to me saying, 'John Lewis, you stand up, you speak up, you speak out, you find a way to get in the way.'

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