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May / June 2015 46 The Final Drive Away THE BEST PORSCHE? Published on April 29, 2013 Balance is the Boxster's party piece. Its weight distribution gives you so much confidence to hurl it around a little that you can get car- ried away. It feels so planted that I'm pretty sure that physics has simply skipped over the Boxster. Its steering is the same electrome- chanical system you'll find in the 911. This is no bad thing. Y'see, while purists complain that it's not as precise as the old cars', I'm 99% certain that most people simply won't notice there's been a change. The only rea- son they're complaining is because someone else has, based on a race driver/handy wheel- man's opinion, said it wasn't quite as good as the older version. One final point on the Boxster, and it's about its looks. The rear deck reminds me of ice cream. No idea why. It just does. XCAR videos Kansas City Region Kansas City Region KCRPCA KCRPCA ZONE 10 P ORSCH E CLUB OF AMER I CA

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