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June 2015

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Today, DACOR continues to lead with advanced product engineering. The Discovery iQ™ Oven and Range with Guided Cooking™, remote access and voice-command through a smart phone or tablet allows the owner to pre-heat the oven from the office, or start the casserole from the soccer field. To reduce needless repairs and to increase the life of the appliance, the range or oven can speak directly with the factory regarding the results of a remote diagnostic system check or software update. DACOR again sets product, design and performance benchmarks for others to follow. From its roots as an inventive appliance maker to its current status as an industry leader in design and technology, DACOR has remained committed to its core values of family and service while continuing to introduce industry leading, American-made products to the market. Like the progeny of other innovative high-tech brands and products, DACOR products continue to be designed and manufactured in California. This is unique in the ultra-premium kitchen appliance category. "As a design and technology-focused appliance manufacturer, we've spent 50 years reimagining what is possible," said DACOR CEO Chuck Huebner. "What really sets us apart, though, is that we temper our desire to innovate with the insistence that every new feature must truly matter to the home chef. The result is that all of our products enhance and elevate the culinary experience." "It's not about technology for technology sake," Huebner went on to say, "It's about simplifying the process, to make the culinary experience easy and accessible to everyone and to empower the individual." HANDCRAFTED, AMERICAN MADE "Made in America!" Now there's something you don't hear very often. Many companies are boasting about bringing manufacturing back to the U.S., but DACOR never left. A practitioner of Lean Manufacturing, all DACOR associates are cross-trained in other skill-sets so the factory can run at maximum efficiency. This process reduces production time, eliminates waste, reduces product defects and increases customer satisfaction. DACOR's loyal team of designers, engineers, technicians, craftsmen and administrators, has an average work experience of 15 years or more with the company. At DACOR, it is not unusual to find father and son working side by side, ensuring the safe passage of skill and knowledge to the next generation. Even though DACOR has grown and DREAM ' N California A L E G A C Y O F I N N O VAT I O N

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