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C o v e r S t o r y COVER STORY Excellence in every aspect of business is the daily goal at Bunge, a global agribusiness and food ingredient company. Essential to this effort is the organization's asset reliability and reporting optimization program (ARROP). Among the most important components of this program are moni- toring and improving how equipment is maintained, including handling and storage of machine lubricants. When Bunge started developing a world-class maintenance program, it identifi ed the need to evaluate oil from its arrival at the plant to its placement in a machine. Root cause analysis began indicating bearing failure due to contaminated oil as the cause of breakdowns. The new predictive oil analysis practices also detected poor-quality oil in samples. Bunge's maintenance team researched how to correct these issues and soon discovered that equipment to properly fi lter and store oil before use was a necessity to keep machines running longer and more effi ciently. BY KEN MCPHEETERS, BUNGE NORTH AMERICA, DUSTIN WEBSTER, BUNGE OILSEED PROCESSING DIVISION Improved Oil Storage and Handling Produce Cost Savings at Bunge Photos by Dave Enterkin, InVision Photography Extending Equipment Life with Cleaner Oil

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