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118 June 2015 Tablets & Capsules Solid Dosage SourceBook Techceuticals About Us Since 1989 Techceuticals has provided manufacturing solutions to the Pharmaceutical and Dietary Supplement industries. The Techceuticals Tech Team are experts in training solid dose manufacturing teams at our fully equipped pilot manufacturing facility and at customer's facilities around the globe. We are active in the industry providing resources for solving manufacturing problems, saving customer's time and money by effectively getting to the root of the problem quickly and training teams how to do the same. New Developments New Training & Troubleshooting Facility A full scope solid dose training lab for product development and production to enhance the manufacturing process and solving common defects. The pilot lab is fully outfitted to provide a complete analysis of a formula and to and provide training covering the entire manufacturing process: Weighing, Milling, Granulating, Compression, Tooling care & inspection, Film Coating, and Encapsulation. We feature name brand equipment commonly used to prepare and process even the most complex formulations and processing steps. Tablet Defect Resolution Symposium Comprised of expert panelists from Fette, Glatt, IMA, Korsch, and Natoli this team has headed up and effort to produce a Defects Resolution Hand book to be released in the fall of 2014. Now an annual event with a focus on defining common defects and root cause analysis of each defect. The result is a clear approach on how to solve defects and the order in which they should be approached to net the best results. Please plan to participate this is a powerful event. Training Capabilities Visual work instruction The ILS (Interactive Learning System) provides Operators, Supervisors, and Managers with a comprehensive interactive program featuring photos and videos of SOP's and Batch records to guide teams to better performance by providing training and monitoring common practices and effectiveness. The ILS is a custom systems that is easy to change through a flexible and expandable system that offers a methodology and training mentality for continuous improvement.

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